Area Business Tour: Ford Credit

Our most recent Area Business Tour took place at Ford Credit, which has been located here in Colorado Springs for 18+ years. This large corporate finance company services both individuals and business clients throughout the United States and around the globe.

During our tour and panel, we learned that 85% of car buyers finance their purchase, so Ford Motor created a division to provide loan services to these people. Employees of Ford Credit benefit from the ability to transfer to other branches worldwide and quick promotions, usually under 18 months for new hires.

This particular Ford Credit employs about 30 UCCS graduates and plans on hiring 50-60 new employees in 2017. We are thankful to our career coach, Todd Kolchinsky, for arranging our tour, breakfast, and panel. The panel included:

  • Mark Rickey – Business Center Director
  • John Anslow – Dealer Services Manager
  • David Sellmayer – Select Regional Manager
  • Tim Campbell – Center Operations Manager Dealer Credit
  • Todd Kolchinsky – Customer Service Manager

We are grateful to Ford Credit for opening their doors to us so we can see what’s it like to work in a large corporate environment.


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