1st Year of New BBB Fellowship

(from left to right: Shawna Rogers, Dean Venkat Reddy, Tatiana Loa, Samantha Wood, Rashell McCann, Melinda Hagemann)

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado! Our students have an exclusive opportunity to apply for a year-long fellowship the year following their completion of the Career Coaching Program.

The fellowship, which awards the winning student with a $2,500 stipend, is a way for students to further develop their network and hone their soft skills in a real professional environment. In addition to being enrolled as a full-time students (undergraduate or graduate) during the time of the fellowship, the student is asked to participate in a series of BBB and UCCS College of Business events as well as prepare and present a BBB educational training for current students.

The 2016/2017 fellow was recently announced…Tatiana Loa! Tatiana is currently a senior studying International Business and Finance and completed the Career Coaching Program last year. She’s a proud first-generation student and is excited to make an impact in the professional world once she graduates in May 2017.

Just last week, Tatiana was recognized among hundreds of business leaders at the BBB’s annual ‘Night of Excellence’ Awards Gala – complete with a big $2,500 check! This fancy affair marked the beginning of her fellowship and is just a hint of what’s to come working with the BBB, an incredibly valuable asset to our local community.

We just accepted 29 new students into the 2016/2017 Career Coaching Program and are excited to see how applies for the fellowship next year!

But until then, we are excited for Tatiana and are sure that she will pave the way as our inaugural BBB fellow.


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