Tour of Colorado Springs Utilities

In the Career Coaching Program, we value experiential learning, and that is why we plan activities in the community that allow both students and mentors to touch, see, feel, and understand different types of businesses. To kick off this semesters activities, we arranged a tour of J.D. Phillips Water Resource Recovery Facility on Friday, October 24, which is managed by Colorado Springs Utilities. During the 45-minute tour of the facility, which is conveniently located near campus just West on Garden of the Gods Road, the group learned how our waste water is treated and purified in order to be made either potable or non-potable. Afterward, the group rejoined back at UCCS for a panel discussion with six CSU employees. The discussion was rich and enlightening, covering topics such as how Colorado Springs is managing an increasing population with limited water resources, volunteer firefighter team, and natural gas trading. The students also learned about how CSU filters through over 15,000 applications every year to fill less than 300 jobs as well as some of the political challenges our local utilities face with regulation and governance. An educational Friday afternoon, for sure! Thank you to Kerry Comer and Sandi Yukman for helping to put this event together. Also, thank you to our esteemed panelists, Renee Adams, Tristan Geahart, Steward Cooper, Tami Blackwell, Na Hoang, and Glenn Gross!


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