Spring 2014 Tour 2: Life of an Entrepreneur

Now that we’ve covered the corporate world, we thought we’d take a totally different look at business through the eyes of local entrepreneurs working at Epicentral Coworking in Downtown Colorado Springs! We toured their space, which consisted of spacious rooms with shared desks, conference rooms, lounges, and a community kitchen. In addition to getting to speak with co-owners Hannah Parsons and Lisa Tessarowicz, our group of 30 students and Career Coaches heard the stories of four uniquely passionate entrepreneurs. Here were a few takeaways:

  • The “tipping point” or in some cases “pain point” of an entrepreneur is when he or she sees a problem and wants to be the solution. In some cases, people have to hit a point where they are completely dissatisfied with where they are or how something is currently being done, and they decide to change things.
  • Create a “transition fund.” Many people are handicapped by fear, leaving their steady income and benefits to pursue a dream. Stash money away for when opportunity arises, you can pursue it knowing that you are taken care of in the short-term.
  • You can’t do everything as an entrepreneur. Know what you’re good at, and hire professionals to do the rest! (We specifically talked about the importance of finding a good bookkeeper, accountant, and legal adviser.)

Thank you to Scooter Wadsworth, Noel Boyce, Julian Flores, and Kimberley Sherwood for providing great advice for our students! And thank you to Hannah and Lisa for hosting!

Epicentral Tour

Epicentral Tour 2

Epicentral Tour 3

Epicentral Tour 4

Epicentral Tour 5

Epicentral Tour 6


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