Blue Star Recyclers Tour

Thank you to COB alumnus, Drew Johnson, who gave us an educational and inspirational tour of Blue Star Recyclers today! After learning about their triple bottom line business structure, we had a great discussion over lunch regarding ethical topics such as employing developmentally adults, being environmentally conscientious, and choosing to do what is right despite it sometimes costing more (in perhaps more ways than one).

If you have electronics, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, or scrap metal, we encourage you to celebrate America Recycles Day by dropping them off at Blue Star Recyclers on Saturday, November 16. It’s only $10 per car! Click HERE for more info.

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One response to “Blue Star Recyclers Tour”

  1. Alexander Clark (@AlexanderClark4) says :

    Love the new blog… it is sooo shiny! 🙂 It was great seeing all of the awesome things Blue Star Recyclers are doing. Keep it up!

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