CCP Student as Luncheon Speaker

We were proud to have graduating senior and Career Coaching Program student participant, Mark Thurber, speak on behalf of the program during the 7th annual Lifetime Entrepreneurship Award Luncheon on Friday, May 8. Mark, who received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Human Resource Management last week, spoke to a crowd of nearly 450 business owners and community leaders about the importance of mentorship and giving back to your community and local university. His career coach, Heather Harvey, was also in attendance. Mark also shared the great news that he had recently accepted a new professional job, which he claims he would not have known about except through the program. These are exactly the kind of results we hope for!

Mark played a role in an overall program that featured the accomplishments and career achievements of local entrepreneurs and philanthropists, Jon and Becky Medved. The luncheon is a fundraiser for the UCCS College of Business alumni programs to include its Career Coaching Program, which alone will receive $5,000 from the event proceeds.

Final Event – Dinner with Alumnus, Eli Bremer

We wrapped up our 2014/2015 program on Monday, April 27 with a fantastic evening with alumnus and Olympic athlete, Eli Bremer. The students and coaches shared with one another how they’ve grown and developed over the past several months – it was inspiring! Each student was presented with a certificate of completion signed by Dean Venkat Reddy, and each coach was given a small gift, a key chain that said “leading by example.” Eli rounded out the evening by sharing his personal story of triumphs and troubles within the sports and entrepreneurial worlds. He stressed how we should seek to be surrounded by intelligent people and to use your network to connect people in order to solve problems. He also admitted that entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart of risk-adverse, but it can be hugely rewarding with some hard work!

Cheers to the students who completed this most recent program, and we wish you every success as you go on to bigger and better things in your lives and careers!

If you are interested in finding out information about the 2015/2016 program including how to apply, please contact Director of Business Alumni Relations, Samantha Wood.

Etiquette Dinner

How do you know which water glass is yours? Which way do you pass the salt? How do you know what to order when your boss is paying? Instructor Liz Moore covered all of these things and A LOT more during our Etiquette Dinner on Monday, March 16. The gang enjoyed a five-course meal (appetizers, salad, intermezzo, entree, and dessert) as part of this learning experience on how to navigate a professional meal setting. This is always one of our favorite events, because everyone – no matter how seasoned they are – takes a way a new tidbit of information! Thank you to UCCS Catering for doing an amazing job and also to our Alumni Leadership Team who joined as guests. Salut!

Tour of Cherwell Software

Last Friday, our students and coaches toured local company, Cherwell Software, a leading force in IT service management tools and solutions. The company has grown exponentially over the past few years, and the CEO, Vance Brown, has received several awards including being named ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ by Ernst and Young. Mr. Brown was also our keynote speaker at our 2013 Lifetime Entrepreneurship Award Luncheon.

Thank you to the panelists – Chris Bender, Sunil Salve, Sandra Martinez, Chad Cramer, Stephanie Santos, Heidi Wichenhauser, and Tom Hoagland! We learned so much and were inspired by your great corporate culture and incredible growth over the past few years. Thank you for also sharing what makes the most difference in have a memorable interview – showing initiative, knowing about the company, and having great communication skills.

Personality Workshop

Dr. James Van Scotter and Dr. Jill Bradley-Geist led our students and coaches through an insightful seminar on personality and how it can factor into one’s career decisions and even success. Before attending the workshop, all participants were asked to complete a 44-question “Big Five” personality test, which assesses individuals on the following characteristics:

  1. Openness to Experience – Defined as “intellectually curious, artistically inclined, creative, and open-minded.”
  2. Conscientiousness – Defined as “dependable, reliable, achievement-striven, goal-oriented, disciplined, and persevering.”
  3. Extraversion – Defined as “gaining energy from being with people; outgoing, talkative, assertive, bold, sensitive to reward (externally motivated).”
  4. Agreeableness – Defined as “courteous, cooperative, forgiving, altruistic, and empathetic.”
  5. Neuroticism – Defined as “more easily upset, stressed, and worried.”

The two professors discussed with the group how these five traits can influence workplace behavior. Additionally, they noted that intelligence is actually the most influential indicator of job place success, above personality. Following is how conscientious an individual is (as defined above). These are the two most critical factors impacting general performance across all industries.

Included in the discussion was the idea that personality can change over time or according to situation. For instance, it is possible for someone to develop extroverted tendencies while being a true introvert through practice and a gradual rewiring of one’s brain. Additionally, it was noted that neuroticism isn’t necessarily negative and is actually a preferred trait among some detailed-oriented positions such as architects and doctors.

Each participant received a personalized personality assessment, which included scores (on a continuum) for each of the five characteristics. These scores were put in the context of the “average” person within their age group.

Thank you to Dr. Van Scott and Dr. Bradley-Geist for leading us through this workshop – learning more about ourselves and others is always a worthwhile endeavor!

Student Volunteer Project – Manitou Incline

On Saturday, December 13, 2014, students in the Career Coaching Program joined forces with the non-profit, Incline Friends, to help fund raise for the upkeep of the Manitou Spring Incline. They sold ornaments at the bottom of this one-mile hike, and hikers could place them on a Christmas tree at the top. It was a beautiful day, and a few of the students even hiked the incline themselves (which is no small feat!). The afternoon ended with lunch at PJ’s Bistro, a local restaurant that specializes in Eastern European fare. We were excited to get out into the community and to help keep our beautiful open spaces accessible and safe for generations to come.

Tour of Colorado Springs Utilities

In the Career Coaching Program, we value experiential learning, and that is why we plan activities in the community that allow both students and mentors to touch, see, feel, and understand different types of businesses. To kick off this semesters activities, we arranged a tour of J.D. Phillips Water Resource Recovery Facility on Friday, October 24, which is managed by Colorado Springs Utilities. During the 45-minute tour of the facility, which is conveniently located near campus just West on Garden of the Gods Road, the group learned how our waste water is treated and purified in order to be made either potable or non-potable. Afterward, the group rejoined back at UCCS for a panel discussion with six CSU employees. The discussion was rich and enlightening, covering topics such as how Colorado Springs is managing an increasing population with limited water resources, volunteer firefighter team, and natural gas trading. The students also learned about how CSU filters through over 15,000 applications every year to fill less than 300 jobs as well as some of the political challenges our local utilities face with regulation and governance. An educational Friday afternoon, for sure! Thank you to Kerry Comer and Sandi Yukman for helping to put this event together. Also, thank you to our esteemed panelists, Renee Adams, Tristan Geahart, Steward Cooper, Tami Blackwell, Na Hoang, and Glenn Gross!


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