El Pomar Foundation Tour

On March 23, 2018, the Career Coaching Program took a tour with the El Pomar Foundation which runs the Penrose House located by the Broadmoor.  Once a home owned by Julie and Spencer Penrose, the Penrose House now operates as a free meeting space to any 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and government agencies. The house is filled with beautiful architecture and artwork, as well as the historical stories to go along with it.

We also had the opportunity to learn more about grantmaking during a presentation by two of the El Pomar fellows who are currently part of the fellowship program. After the tour, many of our students were interested in learning more about the program.

Overall, it was a great tour! Thank you to the El Pomar Foundation for hosting us.


Strategic Financial Partners Tour

For the month of March, the Career Coaching Program had the opportunity to tour two different organizations. The first tour took place on March 16th. The students and coaches toured Strategic Financial Partners (SFP) here in Colorado Springs.

The tour kicked off with SFP sponsoring a light lunch from the fan favorite of fast food restaurants: Chick-fil-a. After that, we received a quick tour of their beautiful office space and learned more about some of their up and coming renovations.

We then took a seat in one of their large conference rooms that offered a beautiful view of the front range. There we had the opportunity to hear from John Ferguson, the Founder, President and C.E.O of Strategic Financial Partners. He mentioned the importance of working for your employees, rather than them working for you. His point was that by keeping them satisfied, they will most likely stay at your company and bring in more business. He also mentioned the importance of working hard, but also taking rest days.

We also heard from their newest team member and recent UCCS grad Colin Mossbrook; who’s energetic personality could fill any room. He mentioned the importance of creating professional relationships with your professors while you are in college and networking at local events.

Overall, it was a great experience and both the students and coaches were able to learn something new from this tour.

A huge thank you to Strategic Financial Partners for hosting us and also to our very own career coach Frank Vaughn for helping us plan the tour.

February Tour – Winslow BMW

Our February career coaching event took place on Friday, February 23rd at Winslow BMW. Students and coaches learned more about the car industry and about BMW as a company. Scroll through the pictures below to find out more about the tour.



The tour began on the sales floor admiring the shiny cars and learning how the cars on the floor tend to be rotated out to keep a fresh and new feel for the dealership.


Our tour then moved towards the shop where cars are fixed and repaired. Genevieve stressed the importance of customer service for their service department as one of the key ways they can differentiate themselves from their competitors.


The deck was a prime spot to sit and enjoy the view of the mountains.


The tour ended with a panel and a speech from Phil Winslow himself. Mr. Winslow discussed the importance of finding a career that you enjoy and finding the right people to work in your industry. The panel addressed a variety of questions including how to get around the negative stigma of car salesmen and how to keep customer retention rates up so you have recurring business.

Overall it was a successful event and we are very thankful for Winslow BMW giving us the opportunity to tour their facilities. We hope to do this tour again next year with our new students!

Titan Robotics Tour

January 26th, 2018

We kicked off our first Career Coaching Event of the year with a tour Titan Robotics. Titan Robotics was started by entrepreneur Clay Guillory when he built his very own 3D printer in his garage. Today the company provides 3D printing and manufacturing for large companies all around the world.

You can learn more about what they do Here:

Our students really enjoyed touring the facilities and learning about the process of 3D printing. A lot of them coming into the event had little knowledge about the industry. Titan Robotics also held a panel for students and coaches to ask questions and learn more. It was a great experience to tour such an innovative company!


December 2017 – Etiquette Dinner

December 6th, 2017

Our December Career Coaching event gave students the chance to practice their manners at our annual Etiquette Dinner. At this event, the student’s learned the do’s and don’ts of table manners when attending a business meeting that involves a meal. Liz Moore was our instructor and she did a fabulous job providing helpful tips that will help you remember proper etiquette for business events.


Menu varied from one seat to the next so each student had a different meal than the student they were sitting next to.



Main Entrees included Honey Apricot Chicken with Sweet Mashed Potatoes and Braised Red Chard, or Spaghetti and Meatballs.


Colorado Institute for Social Impact Panel

At this month’s group event, we had the pleasure of listening to speakers that have both started and been involved with social impact enterprises. The speakers emphasized how social impact businesses are evolving the business world and creating opportunities for people to make a difference while making a profit at the same time.


Some of the goals of the Colorado Institute for Social Impact (CI4SI) include:

  • Measuring the sector’s impact (Social Return on Investment)
  • Accelerating awareness of the Fourth Sector of the economy
  • Promoting and building businesses that are interested in generating social impact
  • Providing social entrepreneurs with resources, training, and education
  • Becoming the catalyst for this sector and building a network
  • Creating community and culture in this sector


It was a privilege to hear from such ambitious and seasoned individuals filled with the passion to create a business that has a higher purpose. We would like to thank the people who helped make this event such a success including Stacey Burns from the BBB and CI4SI, who served as moderator. We also had an incredible panel of speakers, whose names and companies are listed. We wish we could have had the whole day to converse with each of these great speakers so we could go more in-depth, but the great news is that you now have these individuals in your network and can learn more about each of their social enterprises.


Brent Beavers from AspenPointe Café

Jonathan Liebert from  BBB and CI4SI

Lindsey Litton from Milhousing Network

James Proby from The Men’s Xchange

Jake Eichengreen from The Quad Partnership The Quad

From Left to Right: Stacey Burns, Jonathan Liebert, James Proby, Brent Beavers, Lindsey Litton, and Jake Eichengreen.

Thank you to all the students and career coaches that came. We hope you enjoyed the event and we can’t wait to see you at our next in November!

2017 Etiquette Dinner

February marked our 4th annual Etiquette Dinner with the Career Coaching Program! We were thrilled to have instructor Liz Moore back as our facilitator. This year, we made several changes to make the experience even better. Not only did we include “wine” (sparkling cider), but we also introduced an alternating menu. Between soup, bone-in-chicken, and messy pasta, there were challenges to overcome in every course!

This is always such a wonderful event, and we want to thank all of our Career Coaches and students for attending.