Colorado Institute for Social Impact Panel

At this month’s group event, we had the pleasure of listening to speakers that have both started and been involved with social impact enterprises. The speakers emphasized how social impact businesses are evolving the business world and creating opportunities for people to make a difference while making a profit at the same time.


Some of the goals of the Colorado Institute for Social Impact (CI4SI) include:

  • Measuring the sector’s impact (Social Return on Investment)
  • Accelerating awareness of the Fourth Sector of the economy
  • Promoting and building businesses that are interested in generating social impact
  • Providing social entrepreneurs with resources, training, and education
  • Becoming the catalyst for this sector and building a network
  • Creating community and culture in this sector


It was a privilege to hear from such ambitious and seasoned individuals filled with the passion to create a business that has a higher purpose. We would like to thank the people who helped make this event such a success including Stacey Burns from the BBB and CI4SI, who served as moderator. We also had an incredible panel of speakers, whose names and companies are listed. We wish we could have had the whole day to converse with each of these great speakers so we could go more in-depth, but the great news is that you now have these individuals in your network and can learn more about each of their social enterprises.


Brent Beavers from AspenPointe Café

Jonathan Liebert from  BBB and CI4SI

Lindsey Litton from Milhousing Network

James Proby from The Men’s Xchange

Jake Eichengreen from The Quad Partnership The Quad

From Left to Right: Stacey Burns, Jonathan Liebert, James Proby, Brent Beavers, Lindsey Litton, and Jake Eichengreen.

Thank you to all the students and career coaches that came. We hope you enjoyed the event and we can’t wait to see you at our next in November!


2017 Etiquette Dinner

February marked our 4th annual Etiquette Dinner with the Career Coaching Program! We were thrilled to have instructor Liz Moore back as our facilitator. This year, we made several changes to make the experience even better. Not only did we include “wine” (sparkling cider), but we also introduced an alternating menu. Between soup, bone-in-chicken, and messy pasta, there were challenges to overcome in every course!

This is always such a wonderful event, and we want to thank all of our Career Coaches and students for attending.

Area Business Tour: Discover Goodwill

This month’s group event meant touring a very well-respected local non-profit in our community, Discover Goodwill. There is much more than what meets the eye at their corporate headquarters, and our group found it fascinating to get a behind-the-scenes tour.

Discover Goodwill offers more than their retail stores and donation centers. In fact, they have 26 unique programs that serve people with intellectual challenges, the elderly, and people who are economically disadvantaged. During our time at Discover Goodwill, we had the opportunity to explore two of those programs: Voyages and Possibilities.

Possibilities is a 14,000 square feet “Town Hall” complete with a credit union, marketplace, apartment, “spa,” gym, and courtyard. The program is built for people with intellectual disabilities. Throughout the day, participants have activities in various part of the Town Hall though which they learn new skills and get valuable social interaction. They even have an elected Mayor and hold City Council meetings during which they get to choose an activity of their own!

Voyages is an adult day center for elderly people, many of whom have a traumatic brain injury or other mental incapacitation. Here, they are cared for and also given the opportunity to have activities and social interaction.

Because our group was so large, we split up over two days – Thursday, January 26 and Friday, January 27. Our distinguished set of panelists included:

Thursday, January 26

  • Bonnie Martinez, VP Marketing & Communications (Welcome and Tour)
  • Lorrie Molli, VP Ops & Sales
  • Michele Gorr, CFO
  • Jeanne Conder, VP Foundation
  • Gary Smith, VP Human Resources & Organizational Development

Friday, January 27

  • Bonnie Martinez, VP Marketing & Communications (Welcome)
  • Karla Grazier, President/CEO
  • Lorrie Molli, VP Ops & Sales
  • Michele Gorr, CFO
  • Joe Cunningham, Director Contract Operations & Business Development
  • Gary Smith, VP Human Resources & Organizational Development

Here are a few pictures from our tour. Thank you to Cindy Cartwright for helping us coordinate these tours! We are greatly impressed and thankful for all that Discover Goodwill is going to benefit our community.



Mid-Way Student Comments


We’re half way through our 2016/2017 Career Coaching Program, and some of our students have already attested to a career-altering experience with their mentor. Here are some of their comments:

We talked about career choices, interview, and many topics of marketing. The conversation was wonderful, and I wrote down a lot. [My career coach] tells me what it is like in the real world through his perspective. I am so glad he is my career coach!” – E.D.

I had just recently completed my resume for some internships and felt it was perfect until my mentor and I went over it. I was able to revise it with better action verbs when describing myself and past experiences.” – S.W.

I LOVE informational interviews. I feel so much more comfortable going to them and shining. I have made so many contacts, and these meetings are quite important to my growth.” – B.A.

One thing [my career coach] said that I think will be beneficial is not to get stuck in a job once you start receiving a decent paycheck – still keep working for the job I want.” – J.H.

Everything is going very well. I get along really well with my coach, and I look forward to our meetings because I know that I will learn something new every time.” – M.P.

I learned that I can integrate two jobs within the same company into one entry on my resume. I also learned that I can tailor my resume for the career path that I want.” – C.W.

Loving this program. It is a bit of time crunch trying to fit it in between working full-time and doing school full-time, but I love that I have been paired with [my career coach] as she gives me full view of what to expect in the ‘real world’ as I move towards a career in HR.” – G.W.

[My mentor] is great because he knows how the industry works, so he gives me helpful suggestions and allows me to receive his personal opinions on certain aspects. I wouldn’t want to be paired with anyone else because he is what I strive for in the industry when I get there. His advice is something I will always take with me and I value it tremendously!” – A.R.

I found out how many different ways one can go in accounting, I thought it was mainly just audit and tax. I learned more about what the differences are in large and small firms and what firm would best fit me.” -Z.Z.

[My career coach] has stressed to me the importance of balancing your personal life with that of your professional.” – T.C.

I learned that it’s okay to not have everything all planned and figured out yet because it will come with time and experience.” – A.R.

[My career coach and I] really connected, and he provided me with a lot of ideas for how to better myself and what steps to take.” – K.R.

There may be opportunities to do different jobs over the course of my lifetime. Deciding on what I want to do after graduation doesn’t necessarily mean I am stuck there for the rest of my life. Also, it can be better to do something you find value in than just choosing a job that pays the best.” – J.H.

We talked a lot about balancing life and work, and the importance of remembering facts about someone to establish a relationship with them. I plan on applying this to my life by prioritizing between work, school, and life.” – L.R.

[My career coach] really helped me map out how I can obtain my goals through the use of a timeline and how not all of the goals have to be something professional.” – H.M.

I learned more about the importance of being flexible and how to build an expansive network that can help me pivot if my initial career plans do not work out. I plan on applying these lessons to my career.” J.H.

We talked about how it may be difficult working with small businesses that have unrealistic goals and finding a balance with emotions and expectations but how rewarding it is to share a dream and a vision and working with a business to accomplish that.” – L.C.

We are so glad to get to offer this program to UCCS College of Business students and look forward to the second half of the program in spring 2017!

Happy New Year!

Area Business Tour: Ford Credit

Our most recent Area Business Tour took place at Ford Credit, which has been located here in Colorado Springs for 18+ years. This large corporate finance company services both individuals and business clients throughout the United States and around the globe.

During our tour and panel, we learned that 85% of car buyers finance their purchase, so Ford Motor created a division to provide loan services to these people. Employees of Ford Credit benefit from the ability to transfer to other branches worldwide and quick promotions, usually under 18 months for new hires.

This particular Ford Credit employs about 30 UCCS graduates and plans on hiring 50-60 new employees in 2017. We are thankful to our career coach, Todd Kolchinsky, for arranging our tour, breakfast, and panel. The panel included:

  • Mark Rickey – Business Center Director
  • John Anslow – Dealer Services Manager
  • David Sellmayer – Select Regional Manager
  • Tim Campbell – Center Operations Manager Dealer Credit
  • Todd Kolchinsky – Customer Service Manager

We are grateful to Ford Credit for opening their doors to us so we can see what’s it like to work in a large corporate environment.

Personality Profile Seminar

We had the pleasure of hearing about the scientific research behind personality testing and how it related to the workplace from our very own Dr. James Van Scotter and Dr. Jill Bradley-Geist. Prior to the event, students and Career Coaches were invited to complete two personality tests – the Keirsey Temperament Sorter and another based on the “Big 5” personality traits (openness to new experiences, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism). Read more about the meaning of each trait here.

As part of our luncheon, we also did a new exercise that had everyone get into groups of four in order to create their dream house. Groups were assembled based on the Keirsey results, meaning people of like mind were working together. We analyzed the houses and discussed how different personality types shape decision making.

Area Business Tour: Titan Robotics

On Friday, October 21, student and Career Coaches embarked on their first field trip of the program to Titan Robotics, which is a local tech manufacturing company specializing in building 3D printers from the ground up.

Clay Guillory, a mechanical engineer, started this company in his garage just three years ago at the age of 26. Today, the company resides in a 5,000 square foot industrial building and employs over 10 people.

Our group had the opportunity to tour their facility and learn more about how they engineer each 3D printer specifically for each client, what their current challenges are, and how they are preparing for the future.

Thank you to Titan Robotics for your hospitality and showing us around!


*Photo Credit: Norman Morse